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Growtopia is a game where you punch, build and grow creating your own worlds. I made this site to help you on your journey and make it easier to splice some awesome items.

There are lot of special items that cannot be spliced in this game and you won't find them here. What you can find is the recipe trees starting from Tier 2 up to Tier 17 and counting. I have also tried to add some useful information about the item but most likely you can find better descriptions, images and more about the item from

I will continue developing this site as long as you guys find it useful. Please note: I do this on my spare time and I do not have a lot of time to spare. Glad if I could help you.

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Thank you for your patience. Please keep them coming if you notice missing recipes. Ruined Sign Burnt Slime Rotting Sea Goo Space Poop Putrid Gas Zombie Sign Steam Funnel Steam Funnel Up Steam Funnel Down Rhinestone Evening Dress Surg-E

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Sugar cane411
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Tier 2

Cave ColumnComet Unicorn Bracelet
CrayonDeep Iron Ingot
DoorEgg Wallpaper
Glass PaneGrass
Lava RockMartian Tree
Purple Cave CrystalSign
Wood Block

Tier 3

Amber GlassBricks
Cargo ShortsCrappy Sign
DaisyHappy Joy Plaque
Mission BlockMushroom
Pointy SignRock Background
RoseSuper Crate Box
Terracotta PotTorch
WheatWooden Background
Wooden Platform

Tier 4

Aqua BlockBlack Block
Brown BlockCliffside
Danger SignFlowery Wallpaper
Green BlockGrey Block
Hand TorchMessy Brown Hair
Mini BlocksMud Glob
Pastel PantsPoppy
Red BlockShallot Mustache
Stinky SocksTan Shirt
Teeny BlocksWhite Block
WindowWooden Table
Yellow Block

Tier 5

Barn BlockBiker Stache
Black PantsBlonde Bombshell
BootsBrick Background
Brown HairBrown Shoes
Bunny MaskBush
Cyclopean VisorDeath Spikes
Dungeon DoorEvil Bricks
FlashlightGlass Block
Gold Rimmed GlassesGreen Shirt
Green SkirtHot Head
JeansLong Brown Hair
Lovely Pink DressOrange Block
Painting: Dink DuckPainting: Yerfdog
Pastel Aqua BlockPastel Green Block
Pastel Pink BlockPastel Yellow Block
PencilRed Bricks
Red HairRed Riding Hood
Red Wood WallReferee Shirt
Rock PlatformRooster Hat
Santa HatSanta Pants
Santa VestShades
Sheet Music: BlankStone Wall
Stripey WallpaperToilet
Top HatTuxedo
Wizards StaffWooden Window
Worthless RagsX Ray Specs

Tier 6

AfroAsbestos Boots
Barn DoorBarrel
Baseball CapBathtub
Big GlassesBig Old Sideways Arrow
Biohazard SignBlueberry
BriefcaseBunny Tail
Burglar MaskCactus
Cave PlatformChecker Wallpaper
Cosmic HairCuzco Wall Mount
Devil HornsDresser
Exclamation SignFlat Top
FroghatGamblers Visor
Green BlouseGrimstone
HedgeHouse Entrance
Messy Auburn TressesOlde Timey Radio
Pastel Aqua Flower BlockPastel Green Flower Block
Pastel Orange BlockPastel Pink Flower Block
Pastel SuitPastel Yellow Flower Block
Patent Leather ShoesPigtails
Polka Dot BlockPortcullis
Red CoatRed Glass Block
Rotten EggSheet Music: Drums
Sheet Music: Piano NoteSheet Music: Sax Note
SidewalkSpikey Hair
Texas LimestoneTiger Block
TomatoTwisted Spikes
Viking HelmetWater Bucket
White BeardWindow Curtains
Wooden Chair

Tier 7

Ancient Stone GateApple
Aqua HairArrow Placard
Barkys MaskBaseball Bat
BedBig Old Down Arrow
Blue BlockBrainwave Capacitor
Bubble WrapBunny Ears
Climbing VineClown Nose
Clown PantsDark Aqua Block
Dark Brown BlockDark Green Block
Dark Grey BlockDark Orange Block
Dark Red BlockDark Yellow Block
Flower SarongFoliage
GargoyleGrey Hair Bun
Just One Boxing GloveLattice Background
Long Black HairMonster Feet
Old Timey HatPastel Orange Flower Block
PickaxePicket Fence
Pink HairPlatinum Blonde Hair
PlumbingRubber Ducky
School DeskSeaweed
Secret PassageSexy Boxers
ShampooSheet Music: Flat Piano
Sheet Music: Flat SaxSheet Music: Sharp Piano
Sheet Music: Sharp SaxShredded T Shirt
SnorkelStreet Sign
Tangram BlockTenement Building
Tie Dyed ShirtTv Head
Wrought Iron FenceZombie Stompin Boots

Tier 8

AcidAir Duct
AmphoraAncient Block
Blue Glass BlockBlue Star Wallpaper
Checkered PajamasCherry
Climbing WallClown Shoes
Copper PlumbingCoral
Dark Blue BlockDas Red Balloon
Diving BoardDreamstone Block
Filigreed Jade BlockFor Sale Sign
Gem SignGinger Hair Bun
Granite BlockIron Bars
Jade BlockKansas Curls
Long Black BangsLong Blonde Bangs
Lumber AxeMilitary Radio
Music BoxNote Block
Outie BlockPastel Blue Block
Peg LegPitchfork
Purple BlockRed Sweatpants
Rock ChiselRuined Sign
Rustic FenceScreen Door
SeagullSecret Of Growtopia
Sheet Music: Bass NoteSkeletal Throne
Ski CapSugar Cane
Swiss Cheese BlockViney Block
Viney WallpaperWall Like An Egyptian
WaterfallWestern Building
Wicker Basket

Tier 9

3d GlassesAcid Washed Skinny Jeans
Air VentAntler Hat
Big Old Up ArrowBlue Star Shoes
Bridal VeilBubble Gum
Burnt SlimeCard Block
Cash RegisterClimbing Boots
Cloudstone BlockCutaway Building
Cutting BoardDark Purple Block
Display BoxDraped Filigreed Jade Block
Ducky Pajama PantsEmerald Block
Eye Cleaning SolutionFace Bandana
Fuzzy Bikini TopGhost Jar
Hippie SandalsHospital Bed
Igneous RockInnie Block
Jail DoorLollipop
Marble BlockMonocle
Neon LightsNumber
Number BlockNumber Wallpaper
Orange StuffPalm Tree
Pastel Blue Flower BlockPastel Purple Block
Path MarkerPonytail
Poodle SkirtPotted Daisy
Purple Bikini TopPurple Mohawk
Purple StuffPurple Thong
Putrid GasPuzzle Brick
Race Start FlagRainbow Block
RiceRotting Sea Goo
Ruby BlockSaloon Doors
Sheet Music: Flat BassSheet Music: Sharp Bass
Showgirl HeaddressShowgirl Leggings
Space ConnectorSpace Poop
Starchild MakeupSteam Tubes
Steel BlockStinky Bucket
Sushi KnifeTable Lamp
TelephoneToxic Waste Barrel
Velvet RopeWestern Banner
Zombie Sign

Tier 10

Adventure Item KeyAdventure Item Rope
Bee Hair PinBlue Wristband
Carrot PantsCheckpoint
Cowboy HatCrazy Purple Hair
Diamond Encrusted Draped Filigreed Jade BlockDisplay Block
Donation BoxDrumkit
Ducky Pajama TopFarmgirl Hair
Fuzzy Bikini BottomGlowy Block
Golden BlockGrowsaber
Hot Pink HighlightsIce
Jungle FernLadder
Magic Bacon WallpaperMailbox
MakeupMarquee Block
PacifierPassword Door
Pastel Purple Flower BlockPepper Tree
PillarPinball Bumper
Plate MailPorthole
Prehistoric PalmRace End Flag
Rainbow WingsRed Sportsball Jersey
Robot Wants DubstepRoulette Wheel
Science StationSequoia Tree
Sheet Music: Repeat BeginSheriffs Vest
Shop SignSink
Soda JetpackSolar Panel
Space SuitSpirit Board
Stage SupportSteam Crossover
Steam FunnelSteam Lifter Piston
Steel GirderStreetlamp
Superpower FireSuperpower Ice
Superpower LightningSuperpower Muscle
Surg ETelevision
The DarknessWriting Desk

Tier 11

Adventure Item Golden IdolAir Conditioner
Air RobinsonsAqua Wallpaper
Art WallAudio Rack
Baneful MaskBlack Beret
Black Rimmed GlassesBlack Wallpaper
Blackrock WallBlue Mailbox
Blue WallpaperBrown Wallpaper
Bushy BeardButterfly Hair Pin
Camo PantsCave Entrance
Caveman ClubCheckered Dress
ChickenCoffee Maker
Cybernetic ArmDiamond Ring
Disco BallDisplay Shelf
Diving Board SupportElvish Longbow
Fashionable DressFire Escape
Fishing RodFishnet Stockings
Flipping CoinFlower Checkpoint
Gold ChainGolden Sword
Googly Eyed Diamond Encrusted Draped Filigreed Jade BlockGreen Wallpaper
Grey WallpaperGrowbans
Growbeats HeadphonesGuestbook
Hanging GuytrapHappy Sun Shirt
High HeelsHigh Tech Block
High Tech WallJungle Pillar
Knight HelmetMega Rock Speaker
MicrowaveMovie Camera
Ninja MaskNinja Slippers
Ninja TightsNinja Vest
Orange WallpaperPhone Booth
Pinball SproingerPith Helmet
Puffy Orange JacketPurple Wallpaper
Red Sun DressRed Wallpaper
Rhinestone Evening DressSheet Music: Repeat End
Showgirl TopSnowball
Steam Funnel DownSteam Funnel Up
Sunken AnchorTheater Seat
Traffic BarricadeTreasure Chest
Venus GuytrapWaistcoat And Jacket
White WallpaperWizard Hat
Yellow Wallpaper

Tier 12

Achievement BlockAdventure Item Torch
Astronaut PackBeehive
Blue PortalBuckskin Jacket
Buckskin PantsBunny
Cardboard BoxChalkboard
Combat VestCompu Panel
CorsetCrimson Eagle Wings
Dark Red WallpaperDice Block
Diving BellDragon Gate
Evil Brick BackgroundExplorers Shovel
Fairy CrownFairy Dress
Fairy SkirtFairy Slippers
Fairy WandFairy Wings
Fashion PurseFire Hydrant
Fish TankFlatscreen Tv
Foam FingerGateway To Adventure
Giant ClamGolden Halo
Gothic BuildingGreat White Shark
Hammer PantsLemon
Meaty ApronMoon Boots
Movie ScreenMystery Block
Open SignOrange Portal
OverallsPink Pageboy
Plain White TeeRainbow Wig
RefrigeratorRuby Slippers
Sack O JoySaturday Night Vest
SkeletonSlot Machine
Sorcerer StoneSpace Helmet
Sproingy EyesStove
Stylin DressSurgical Tool
Theather CurtainTime Space Rupture
War PaintWetsuit Pants
Wetsuit TopWhite Bellbottoms
Wizards RobeZeta Reticulant Mask

Tier 13

Action Hero StubbleApron
Art Deco BlockBlue Headband
Blueberry PieBulletin Board
Caveman HairCavewoman Hair
Chef HatCigar
Dames FedoraDirectors Chair
E Z Cook OvenEyepatch
FedoraFlaming Skull Mask
Flapper DressFlapper Headband
Fossil BrushFountain
Game BlockHeadsmans Axe
Hoop EarringsLaboratory
Lazy CobraMannequin
ParasolPinstripe Pants
Pinstripe SuitPirate Hat
Pocket LighterRed Brimmed Hat
Red Formal DressRipper Wings
Rock N Roll WallpaperRoshambo Block
Space PantsSpatula
StadiumSteam Crank
Steam StomperStraw Hat
Tramsmog CrystalTransmog Crystal

Tier 14

Cow CubeCrowded Stadium
Fire HoseFlamethrower
Game FlagGame Goal
Game GraveLeather Jacket
Magic BellMinotaur Mask
Riding MeteoriteRocket Thruster
ScoreboardSkull Launcher
Staging PlatformTavern Sign

Tier 15

ForgeIce Cube

Tier 16

Frozen Dna Fragment AFrozen Dna Fragment B
Ice Calf Leash

Tier 17

Mini Mammoth Leash